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Hello... world?

What am I actually doing?

Last Updated July 7, 2022
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As I write this post, I’m struggling with one question - what the hell am I doing? The idea of blogging was in my head for a while - alongside doubts. I’m not an eloquent writer, am I? I’m an engineer - I write consecutive lines of code. I’m writing for machines, not for humans. Maybe it’s time for something more.

How has it started? I know. Probably

The idea for this blog has two key sources:

  • Internal - I’ve found out writing gives me a flow state. Journaling was therapeutic for me and helped me clarify my thoughts. I’ve also spent a lot of time in front of the keyboard - arguing with people on social media (I know that’s not the best use of my time).
  • External - some people saw my comments. They’ve started reacting to them. I’ve also got direct messages asking if I’m not creating any texts. One girl even praised my “beautiful writing style.” Really! I’m not joking.

Swedish buffet, Swedish bookshelf - a few paragraphs about content

I code, and this blog will be just about that - coding. More specifically, about web development. And even more specifically about the JavaScript ecosystem. I have the most experience with the JavaScript language. Posts will often oscillate around Front-end development. But not always. During my studies, I was typing something in C languages. Nowadays, Python is interesting to me. I may publish things that I’ve just learned.

Computer Science and Mathematics

Programming is more than languages and frameworks. Some people think they’re just details. Because of that, I will be extending my blog with computer science and math theories. I’ll be writing about algorithms, data structures, design patterns, and other - more universal - knowledge. I’ll add some framework-agnostic knowledge.


Most often than not, there is a design stage before coding. The visual aspect of websites is also significant. I think most Front-end developers should have at least minimal knowledge of design. Because of that, I’ll write about typography, colors, layout, and other design stuff.


I’m a keen reader. I read often and wide. My bookshelf Kallax (made by one known Swedish company) is full of the whole spectrum of books: fictional, scientific, philosophical, and more. I consume, but at the same time, I like to share my findings. So, summaries and other posts related to books will show regularly.

Hardware and electronics

I’m a geek. And like a real one, besides software and books, I also like hardware and electronics. I observe smartphone, console, and computer markets with interest. I spend much time watching different tech reviews. I’m not sure if I’ll be a tech blogger, but maybe I’ll write sometime about that.

Anything else, sir?

Including all this stuff, I’m worried about content eclecticism. At the same time, I wouldn’t like to omit a curious topic just because it doesn’t fit in one of these categories. My interests over the years were changing and expanding. They still do. Probably this process will last - during blogging. I’m interested in many things that often aren’t connected (at least on the surface level). So, I propose to use this blog as the Swedish buffet - you choose only the best things for you.

What will come out of this? I don’t know

Really. I don’t know. I’m starting this blog without a clear idea of what I’m doing. Similarly, I don’t know what will come out of it. I’ll try to write regularly. In the ideal world, there will be a post every week. But we know how it is - the world is not perfect. I’m not perfect. I’m disciplined (mostly). But I’ll not give my right arm for strict deadlines. I would lose my arm, and that’s not good for the schedule. Fortunately, I learn every day, and I like to share knowledge. That combo allows regular updates. I think this blog will be an opportunity and motivation for me to learn new stuff. As one famous physicist once said:

If you want to master something, teach it. A great way to learn is to teach.

Richard Feynman

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